01. 01. 2016 |
Press Release

Electronic vignettes replaced paper stickers

  • 1-year (50 Eur), 30-day (14 Eur), 10-day (10 Eur);
  • simple and fast purchase from home;
  • sending of notifications about the approaching expiration date of electronic vignette validity to e-mail or via sms;
  • without the need of sticking on the windshield;
  • on the receipt for the electronic vignette payment you can check the accuracy of the entered LPN.


Simple and comfortable purchase

Drivers can purchase an electronic vignette:

  • through the web portal www.eznamka.sk, which is available in 5 foreign languages (English, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian),
  • or through the mobile application "eznámka",
  • at over200 Points of Sale marked with with the distinctive "eznámka" logo,
  • at motorway border crossings at the points of sale and information in Čunovo (state border SK/HU) and in Brodské (state border SK/CZ).

The price of the electronic vignette also includes the services of the Motorway Patrol. Its main task is to help motorists in emergency situations in which they can find themselves on motorways or expressways, for example by securing the vehicle by a cover and traffic signs, to help in case vehicle malfunction or providing information on towage services.

Assistance can be requested on the phone number 0800 100 007, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Monitoring by cameras and special mobile  patrols

We would like to inform drivers that before entering a specified road section of a motorway or expressway a valid electronic vignette needs to be purchased. This obligation ensues for every motorist under the law.

The payment obligation is continuously monitored by a camera system deployed throughout the whole infrastructure and directly in the field by special mobile patrols of the National Motorway Company. In the event of discovering the failure to pay for an electronic vignette, the legal procedure shall be followed and the motorist driving without an electronic vignette shall risk being fined.

Motorways and expressways in Slovakia currently provide the best, the fastest and safest form of transport.