Besides Slovak the Customer Service Line (call centre) is available for customers (see the definition of the term “customer” in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms) in the following languages: English, German, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.

The Customer Service Line provides customers with the following services:

  • verification of the period of validity of the paid vignette;
  • repeated dispatch of the Confirmation of vignette payment to the customer in electronic form, namely via email;
  • receipt of claims, complaints and suggestions from customers (in Slovak and English language);
  • information about the obligation of vignette payment and the amount of vignette payment (i.e., the current types and prices of vignettes).

All other details about customer business and communication channels and the scope of services they provide are specified in the relevant provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Vignette Payment of the Electronic Vignette Payment Administrator (see the definition of the term “Vignette Payment Collection Administrator” in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms), which are available in the Customer services section, subsection Documents for download.