An electronic vignette is non-transferable between vehicles or trailers, except in the cases defined in the provisions of Section 116(17) of Act no. 8/2009 Coll. on Road Traffic and on amending and supplementing certain acts as amended (retaining the plates with LPN by the previous vehicle owner). However, in the cases specified below, the customer can apply for an adjustment to the registration data of a vehicle or a trailer with a paid and valid electronic vignette.

An amendment to data in the central records of electronic vignette payments can be applied for if there is a change of the license plate number and/or the country of registration of that same vehicle/trailer, i.e. the vehicle/trailer itself or the type and the validity of the paid electronic vignette do not change and the original owner does not retain the original license plates with the vehicle LPN. This amendment can be requested by the customer especially in these cases:

  • registration of a vehicle in the vehicle registry of the Slovak Republic;
  • replacement of plates with the LPN, which may occur in case of loss or theft of the plates with the LPN, in case of which the LPN of a vehicle or a trailer changes.

An application for adjustment of vehicle/trailer registration data in the central records of electronic vignette payments can be submitted via the web portal (in the Requests, Suggestions and Claims section) or via selected points of sale, the list of which is published in the section Customer Points, subsection Selected Points of Sale.

For the purpose of changing the vehicle/trailer registration data, the customer is obliged to submit, in case of submitting in electronic form via the web portal, the relevant documents certifying the implementation of the change in the vehicle/trailer LPN:

  • a photocopy of the original Vehicle Registration Certificate, or a photocopy of the insurance policy issued for the original LPN, or a photocopy of the technical/emission inspection certificate issued for the original LPN;
  • a copy of the new Vehicle Registration Certificate;
  • a copy of Confirmation of vignette payment - simplified invoice or Confirmation of vignette payment – invoice;
  • In the event of a change from a Slovak LPN, also a photocopy of the completely completed and signed Written Consent of the original Vehicle Operator to an adjustment in the electronic vignette payment records.

A photocopy of both the original and the new document must always contain both the VIN data (vehicle identification number) and the LPN (license plate number) to uniquely identify the vehicle, and the VIN must be identical on both documents (as the electronic vignette is non-transferable between vehicles or trailers).

Based on the data adjustments implemented in the electronic vignette payment records, the Service Provider shall issue a confirmation of the data adjustment for the customer.