The customer (see the definition of the term “customer” in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms) can carry out a vignette payment in the following ways:

  • cash and/or cash-free with a payment card at Points of Sale designated with the logo “eznamka”;
  • cash-free with a payment card through the web portal;
  • cash-free with a payment card using the mobile application “eznamka” for mobile devices;
  • cash-free with a payment card using self-serve devices located at Points of Sale at border crossings.

The list of payment cards accepted by the Vignette Payment Collection Administrator for the purpose of vignette payment is published in this section, subsection Documents for download (see the definition of the term "Vignette Payment Collection Administrator" in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms).

The Service Provider (see the definition of the term “Service Provider” in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms) shall issue a document of the vignette payment called “Confirmation of vignette payment, simplified invoice”; in the case of a bulk vignette payment using the web portal, it will be a document called “Confirmation of payment, invoice”.

These documents include all the details specified by the relevant provisions of Act No. 222/2004 Coll. on Value Added Tax as amended for a simplified invoice/invoice and at the same time all the details specified by the relevant provisions of Act No. 488/2013 Coll. on Vignette and on amending certain acts as amended (hereinafter referred to “Act No. 488/2013 Coll. on Vignette as amended”).



The transactions are most commonly declined for reasons on behalf of the customer or card issuer, in particular the combinations of settings and browser configurations and/or improper verification of payment when using the payment gateway.

The PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) EU Directive entered into force in January 2021 and it brought changes in the security and unification of payments within the EU. As part of the Directive, the RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) technical specification was issued to strengthen the level of security and reduce financial fraud. The key requirement is the so-called SCA (Strong Consumer Authentication), or implementation of strong authentication of remote payments, i.e. additional mandatory levels of authentication during the online transaction to authenticate the user.

For a successful execution of payment card transactions through the payment gateway, please make sure that:

  • Your payment card has online payments allowed,
  • You have sufficient funds on your account/card and the limits set for the payment card have not been exceeded,
  • Your card is not expired (expiration date can be found on the payment card),
  • Your card type is supported,
  • Steps are taken as recommended by your home bank.

If your bank requires and uses additional security verification of payments, please check the correctness of the code you’ve entered (e.g. 3D secure) or the status of payment verification in the banking application.

As for the configuration of the web browser and its extensions, we recommend the following when making a vignette payment:

  • Do not use Internet Explorer,
  • Do not use ad blocking extensions (add-on modules/addons) (AdBlock, etc.),
  • Do not use extensions (add-on modules/addons) that handle cookies and temporary files in the web browser,
  • Do not use the "Back" button in your web browser but rather the controls displayed on the webpage,
  • Do not use the web browser in Incognito/Private/InPrivate mode,
  • After the payment is made and the transaction is processed, do not close the payment gateway browser tab and wait for the redirect back to where the payment process is completed and confirmation of vignette payment is shown,
  • Complete the payment as soon as possible, in ideal circumstances within 3 minutes given the limitations of the banking interfaces and applications.

The electronic vignette payment process can be considered successful and complete once the "Confirmation of Vignette Payment" is shown in the electronic system of vignette collection and records.

If you are unsure about the success of your payment, you can check the existence of your vignette and verify the period of its validity via the „Electronic vignette validity check”, function on the website, through the eznamka mobile application, or by calling the Customer Service Line.

All other details related to vignette payment are specified in the relevant provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Vignette Payment of the Electronic Vignette Payment Administrator, which can be found in this section, subsection Documents for download.