If you did not find an answer to your question, you can send it to us by means of a Submission – in the Electronic Vignettes menu > Submit request, suggestion, claim.

The extent of the network of POSs approved by the Electronic Vignette Payment Collection Administrator, which is the National Motorway Company (Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s.), where Electronic Vignettes will be sold, is currently full. However, we do not rule out expanding and optimising this network in the future.

Please send us your request by means of a submission (in the Electronic Vignettes menu > Submit request, suggestion, claim). In the event of future optimisation or expansion of the network of POSs, we will consider your request and if we are interested, we will contact you.

Upon payment, the system shall notify the customer that for the relevant LPN and the selected period of validity, an Electronic Vignette has already been paid, but at the same time the Customer will be able to proceed in the purchase/payment of the Electronic Vignette.

If the customer provided at least one of the contact details options (email, telephone number) upon payment, they will be informed about the upcoming expiry of the Electronic Vignette payment 3 days before the end of validity. The contact details entered upon Electronic Vignette purchase (email, telephone number) will be used to send an email message/SMS with information about the upcoming expiry of validity of Electronic Vignette payment.

Upon Electronic Vignette payment, the LPN needs to be entered without spaces and hyphens. For a bulk purchase, individual LPNs need to be separated by a comma, a space or a new line, and the maximum number of LPNs that can be entered is 500.

The mobile application, "eznamka", is available for mobile phones/devices and tablets with operating systems iOS 6.0 and higher (in the Apple App Store) and Android 2.3.3 and higher (in the Google Play Store). The easiest way to find it on a mobile device is to open the relevant store and enter the word "eznamka" in the search field.

To request a copy of the tax document for Electronic Vignette payment, please contact the Customer Service Line on 02/32 777 777.

In terms of setting your spam filter, we recommend allowing the whole domain of eznamka.sk to prevent possible failure in delivery of an email message (if the address before @ changes).

If your payment card does not specify the name of the holder, please use another card to pay for the Electronic Vignette, or contact your bank to see if it is possible to use the card to make the Electronic Vignette payment and ask them about the appropriate procedure.

The Electronic Vignette Payment Collection Administrator, which is the National Motorway Company, defined in its requirements for the method of Electronic Vignette payment only the options of payment in cash or using payment cards. SkyToll, a. s. can make changes in the Electronic Vignette payment system only based on a request by the National Motorway Company.

We currently recommend a bulk purchase and payment using the web portal www.eznamka.sk by dividing the vehicles into three 500-vehicle doses or doses according to the limits of your payment card. Or we recommend increasing the daily limit on your payment card.

The application "eznamka" adopts the communication language settings from the operating system of the mobile device. Setting the language of the mobile device is up to the owner. If necessary, we recommend changing the language in the mobile device settings.

Failure to deliver the SMS with the verification code is probably caused by entering a telephone number in an incorrect format. Upon registration, it is necessary to enter a phone number in the international format, for example +421999123456.

Delivery of the registration SMS with the verification code is free of charge.