Basic Information

On 1 December 2015 the Slovak Republic commissioned the electronic system of vignette payment collection and records for the use of selected express road infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as "the electronic system of vignette collection"). Switching the system of vignette payment collection and records into electronic form meant a change in the form of the vignette: physical motorway stickers were replaced by vignettes in electronic form.

SkyToll, a. s. was appointed to provide the design, construction and operation of the system of vignette payment collection and records based on the Contract for the Provision of the Service of Vignette Payment Collection and Records for the Use of Specified Road Sections, entered into with the National Motorway Company (Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s.).

The toll road network subject to vignette payment consists of specified sections of motorways and expressways (hereinafter referred to as "specified road sections"). The list of specified road sections subject to vignette payment is established by the Vignette Payment Collection Administrator (National Motorway Company). Detailed information about the network of specified road sections subject to vignette payment can be found in the Network of the specified road sections section.

The obligation of vignette payment before the use of specified road sections applies to motor vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons. Selected groups of these vehicles shall, after meeting the relevant legislative conditions, be exempt from vignette payment. The exact definition of vehicles subject to  vignette payment as well as those that are exempt from vignette payment is included in the relevant provisions of Act No. 488/2013 Col. on Vignette and on amending and supplementing certain acts as amended (hereinafter referred to as "Act No. 488/2013 Coll. on Vignette as amended"). Detailed information about the network of specified road sections can be found in the Vehicles subject to vignette payment section, and the specification of the groups of vehicles exempt from vignette payment can be found in the Vehicles exempt from vignette payment section.

The electronic vignette fee is related to a specific time period regardless of the distance driven or the number of journeys. In the Slovak Republic it is possible to buy electronic vignettes with 1-year, 30-day or 10-day validity. The amount of payment for the vignette depends on the total maximum permissible weight of the vehicle and the trailer. The amount or the prices of the individual types of vignettes shall be decided by the Government of the Slovak Republic in their respective regulation. Detailed information about the current types and prices of the vignettes are specified in the Types and prices of vignettes section.


Description of the system operation

The electronic system of vignette collection is based on the recording of vehicles or trailers that are subject to vignette payment in the central records of vignette payments, which among other things include data of the specific vehicle together with the type and validity of the paid vignette.

A vehicle or vehicle-combination driver shall be obliged to pay for the vignette before using the specified road sections. A vehicle or vehicle-combination operator shall be obliged to ensure compliance with the obligation of the vignette payment during the use of the specified road sections.

The vignette can be paid for through electronic business channels: the web portal and the mobile application for mobile devices, within the POS network (most often petrol stations) or through self-serve devices located at border crossings. Payment for a vignette can be done using a bank payment card (in the case of payment at POS, the web portal, mobile application and self-serve devices) or in cash (in the case of payment at POS).

After carrying out the vignette payment, one document (confirmation of vignette payment) will be issued, which serves as confirmation of the vignette payment and at the same time as a tax document according to the relevant applicable legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. The aforesaid confirmation also includes, besides other mandatory information, data specifically identifying the vehicle (type, vehicle registration number and the country of vehicle registration) and the type and validity of the paid vignette.

Detailed information about individual customer processes (for example, the list of required data for vignette payment, the procedure and necessary documentation for the registration of vehicles exempt from vignette payment, the methods of  vignette payment, the type of issued documents on vignette payment, and the options for submitting customer suggestions, requests, claims and so on) is specified in the Customer Services section.

Description of the individual type of sales and communication channels of provided customer services, together with the list of Points of Sale and their addresses, can be found in the Customer Points section.