The customer services of the electronic system of vignette payment collection and records in the Slovak Republic also includes receipt and handling of various types of customer submissions: requests, claims, suggestions and complaints. A customer (see the definition of the term “customer” in detail in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms) can file a claim in the following manner:

  • by filling and sending an electronic form on the web portal or using the mobile application eznamka”;
  • by phone using the Customer Service Line (Call Centre).

Any customer submission (request, claim, suggestion or complaint) can be filed by a customer in either Slovak or English.


All other details related to customer submissions and their processing and resolution by the Service Provider are regulated in the relevant provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Vignette Payment of the Electronic Vignette Payment Administrator;(which can be found in the Vignettes section, subsection Glossary of terms), which are available in this section, subsection Documents for download.