30. 11. 2015 |
Press Release


As of Tuesday, 1 December 2015 motorists can access a pre-sale to buy an electronic vignette that is valid for 2016.

  • From 17:00 it will be possible to purchase an electronic vignette via the web portal www.eznamka.sk;
  • From 21:00 it will be possible to buy an electronic vignette through the mobile application "eznamka" (for the operating systems Android and iOS); 
  • At Points of Sale (mostly petrol stations) motorists will be able to buy electronic vignettes from 21:00.

Points of Sale will be designated with the logo "eznámka". A list of Points of Sale is published on the website www.eznamka.sk.

Useful information

When buying an electronic vignette a motorist will enter the licence-plate number and the country of registration.
He/she can pay for an electronic vignette in cash or with a payment card.

When buying through the internet or the mobile application a motorist will receive a receipt of purchase in electronic form; when purchasing at a Point of Sale he/she will receive a paper receipt. The motorist does not need to carry the proof of payment with him/her while driving on the specified sections of motorways and expressways.

National Motorway Company (Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s.)