31. 12. 2017 |
Press Release

Revenues from the sale of electronic vignettes in 2017 rose by 7.31% year-to-year, and already in mid-November they reached the total amount for 2016 (€ 67.68 mil. excluding VAT). According to the diagram, the largest revenue was again from the 1-year electronic vignettes, which earned € 43.7 million excluding VAT they formed up to 60% of total sales revenue. The strongest months in revenue were traditionally as every year January and partly February.

Príjem z predaja

Legend: Príjem z predaja podľa typu eDZ (Eur, %) - Sales revenue according to the type of electronic vignettes (Eur,%); Ročná - 1-year; 30-dňová - 30-day; 10-dňová - 10-day


Sales of electronic vignettes by type

On the other hand, if we compare the number of electronic vignettes sold by type, the 10-day electronic vignettes are in the lead with almost 2.7 million sold pieces, up to 63% of total sales.  This is also due to the fact that foreign purchasers are particularly interested in this type of electronic vignettes (68%), especially during summer holidays in July and August (revenue of € 6.05 million excluding VAT), when their sale culminates together with 30-day electronic vignettes (€ 2.26 mil. excluding VAT). 1-year electronic vignettes achieve the highest revenue, as mentioned before, in the beginning of January (€ 22.35 million excluding VAT) and partly in February, but it is already down by more than a half (€ 10.97 million) excluding VAT).

Predaj edz podla typu

Predaj eDZ podľa typu (ks, %) - Sales of electronic vignettes according to the type (pcs,%); Ročná - 1-year; 30-dňová - 30-day; 10-dňová - 10-day;


Forms of sale

 Motorists still most often use the sale of electronic vignettes at Points of Sale, so far 66% of all electronic vignettes sold have been sold there. Web sales (including toll self-service machines) sold the remaining approximately 34% of electronic vignettes. Year-to-year, it is possible to see a gradually increasing trend in the purchase of electronic vignettes through web sales, which last year was enhanced by the option of purchasing through an order.

Formy predaja edz

Legend: Formy predaja edz (ks, %) - Forms of electronic vignette sales (pcs,%); Mobilná Aplikácia - Mobile Application; Web + Mýtomat - Web + Toll Self-Service Machine; Obchodné Miesta - Points Of Sale