03. 02. 2017 |
Press Release

Motorway in mobile

In case of a motorway or expressway issues, you can call the Motorway Patrol quickly and easily. The Motorway Patrol emergency units have their own special number 0800 100 007. You can also summon them using the Motorway Assistance  mobile application. In this application, you can also find fresh traffic reports, tourist information about nearby locations, or looking on cameras you can check parking options at resting areas or the current condition and the weather on motorways.  


Deployed non-stop

The Motorway Patrol assists on over 700 kilometres of motorways and expressways. It has 16 fully equipped Motorway Patrol vehicles ready to intervene. As a new measure, due to the highest transit traffic, two Motorway Patrol cars operate within the area of Bratislava .  


Motorway Patrol in numbers

The Motorway Patrol vehicles drove 2.4 million kilometres in 2016 and assisted in 16,537 incidents. Most often the Motorway Patrol vehicles secured traffic by bright  signalisation (11,327 times), removing undesirable obstacles from the road (4,820 times), helping to repair vehicles (2,143 times), securing the towing away of vehicles (885 times) or helping drivers that ran out of fuel (436 times).