The following includes the current list and detailed information about the Points of Sale network – in particular petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, self-serve devices located at border crossings to the Slovak Republic, and selected Points of Sale in regional cities – which allow the submission of requests and documents for registering a vehicle that is exempt from vignette payment or requests and documents for changing the data in the central records of vignette payments.

Name Operator Location Type
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Banská Bystrica, Business center PAYWELL a.s. Banská Bystrica
Bratislava, Studená 5 PAYWELL a.s. Bratislava
Košice PAYWELL a.s. Košice
Nitra, Priemyselná 86/4 PAYWELL a.s. Nitra
SAD Prešov PAYWELL a.s. Prešov
Trenčín, areál OLD HEROLD PAYWELL a.s. Trenčín
Trnava, TANKER Truckcentrum PAYWELL a.s. Trnava
Žilina, Kragujevská 9 PAYWELL a.s. Žilina