13. 01. 2020 |
Press Release

The existing types of payment for the use of specified road sections with a validity of 10 and 30 days or with effect from 1 January of the respective calendar year to 31 January of the following calendar year will also include the possibility of paying for electronic vignettes with 365-day validity.

“Slovakia is one of the few countries in the world where drivers will have the option to use the 365-day electronic vignette. This will give drivers and vehicle owners who do not buy the 1-year vignette immediately at the beginning of the year a fair opportunity to use the charged road network for the full 12 months they pay for,” said Matej Okáli, SkyToll Chairman and CEO.

The new type of vignette will be valid for 365 days, including the date that the user of the specified road sections will designate as the start of its validity when purchasing this type of vignette. As with existing types of vignettes, a 365-day vignette will exist for both vehicles and trailers.

The earliest date of the start of the 365-day validity that can be set upon payment is defined by the law as 1 February 2020. The price of the 365-day electronic vignette paid during 2020 should be the same as the 1-year vignette, i.e. €50 including VAT.

As with 10-day, 30-day and 1-year electronic vignettes, it will also be possible to pay for the 365-day electronic vignette through the eznamka.sk customer portal, via the eznamka mobile application, using a self-service device/location or at one of the points of sale.

“If a customer enters a mobile phone number or email address when paying for a vignette, he/she will receive a notification of the vignette expiration no later than 3 days in advance. The same possibility will exist for the 365-day vignette,” added Matej Okáli.

The method of entering the vehicle license plate number (LPN) upon payment of an electronic vignette for one vehicle is changing. While so far it has only been possible to enter the vehicle license plate number (LPN) once, the new system will require entering the LPN twice. This change is based in particular on the drivers' demands that they should not have to correct the payment of the electronic vignette in the form of filing a complaint if they make a mistake when entering the LPN. Entering the LPN twice will not be necessary for bulk payments, i.e. when paying an electronic vignette for more than one vehicle.